Hanako and her older unnamed brother are two young children who caught Happosai on his way home after finishing one of his usual panty raids on Christmas Eve. Believing him to be Santa Claus, Hanako and her brother entertain Happosai until the drunken lecher decides he has to leave. But, before he can leave, Hanako's brother asks if they can be his disciples. Not wanting to destroy their childish innocence, Happosai tells the pair that they can the next time they see him.

Some months later the pair succeed in tracking down Happosai (thanks, in part, to the address written on the back of a pair of panties Hanako took from Happosai's bag) and begin their "training" as his disciples. After spending a day sneaking and thieving, Ranma suggests Happosai teach his disciples a good deed which causes Happosai to short out from the mere thought of doing something good. Seeing the state they have left "Santa" in, Hanako and her brother decide to return home, but not before Happosai turns himself into a firework so that he can tell the pair to be good if they want full stockings this year.

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