Gendo is an anime-only character who is an old friend of Sasuke Sarugakure. He visited Sasuke at the Kuno Estate, while there he also, mistakenly, predicted that Nabiki is the woman who Kuno would marry.

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Sasuke explains to Kuno

Sasuke explains who Gendo is to Kuno.

Gendo decides to visit the Kuno Estate, as he needed to impose of their hospitality for a while. When he arrives he warns Kuno by saying he senses danger in the form of water. Gendo then introduces himself to Kuno. Sasuke then explains to Kuno that Gendo is an old friend of his, and that the has very strict discipline and training. Sasuke also mentions that Gendo isn't bad at fortune telling either so he (Kuno) should listen to what Gendo says. Kuno is sceptical of this and runs off in order to not be late for School. After Kuno leaves Gendo asks Sasuke if he could get him some food.

When Kuno returns that evening (now in full belief of Gendo's abilities due to him falling down a Manhole) he asks Gendo to give him another prediction. After Gendo does some chanting he answers that he senses much danger in the form of a female. Despite knowing full well of Gendo's accuracy Kuno once again dismisses this prediction as he can't believe in such a thing as a "dangerous female". Kuno then leaves. Sasuke then asks if that prediction was for real, which Gendo murmurs a reply. Gendo then asks Sasuke if it's time for food, much to the surprise of Sasuke.

The next day, after getting beaten up by a large group of women after Happosai had tossed the stolen underwear to him, Kuno goes back to Gendo and says he's almost ready to believe in his powers. Gendo then gets asked by Kuno who out of his pigtailed girl and Akane is the woman in his future. Gendo then, instead of making the prediction, tells Kuno he's hungry. Kuno then kicks Gendo in the face and tells him to just do the prediction. Gendo then begins chanting again, and also asks Sasuke to re-fuel the fire, Sasuke refuels it with some firewood he was carrying. Once the fire is re-fueled Gendo gives Kuno instructions to head south-east by the rising sun; chase the first dog you see; stop at the Tobacconist; look up in the sky and look carefully for a red object; and finally wait by the bridge and first woman to cross is the one you most deserve in all the world. Kuno follows these instructions exactly, but to his surprise it's Nabiki who crosses first.

Gendo and Sasuke argue

Gendo and Sasuke argue with each other.

After Kuno spends the next few days trying to get over Akane and the pigtailed girl in favour of Nabiki. Gendo reveals to Sasuke that the prediction wasn't correct as Sasuke had used regular firewood instead of "special firewood". Gendo's excuse for this had happening is him having an empty stomach and if he hadn't this wouldn't have occurred. When Sasuke explains this to Kuno, who'd just been rejected by Nabiki, Akane, and the female Ranma, he gets extremely angry and exclaims that he's going to use both of them for firewood!


As mentioned by Sasuke, Gendo is a very good at predicting future events. This is shown when correctly predicts danger in the form of water and a dangerous female. However, this ability is apparently negated when the "special fire" Gendo uses to help make his predictions isn't fuelled by "magic firewood", which Kuno learned about the hard way when Gendo mistakenly predicted (albeit, slightly indirectly) that Nabiki is the woman who Kuno deserves the most in the world.


  • As mentioned by Sasuke, Gendo has very strict training methods, however it is unknown what these training methods are exactly.
  • Its indicated in the subtitled version that Gendo and Sasuke have known each other since they were children.
  • Gendo is perhaps better described as a freeloader rather than a travelling monk, as while he was at the Kuno Estate he almost continuously asks for food, and all he gives in return are predictions for Kuno.
    • However, it is mentioned by Gendo that he can't make predictions on an empty stomach, so this may be the reason why he continuously asks for food.
    • In the Subtitled version, Sasuke says even when they were kids Gendo would always scrape the bottom of the rice pot for more food indicating Gendo does indeed have a large appetite.


  • Be careful now. I sense danger... in the form of water. - Gendo's warning to Kuno.
  • Side aches mean appendicitis. I suggest you go to the nearest Hospital and consult a Doctor. - Gendo's response to Kuno saying his sides ache.
  • You won't want to hear this but... I'm hungry! - Gendo's initial response to Kuno asking which woman would be in his future.


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