The Flame-Throwing Staff (火炎杖 Kaen tsue?) is a staff from the Joketsuzoku village that, as its name indicates, can function as a flamethrower. However it can normally only be used a certain number of times. It has the head of a dragon and a long handle.

Manga historyEdit

Cologne gave the staff to Akane Tendo along with the Fan of Divine Wind and a protective transfer amulet to help her combat the forest of poisonous plants that Pink & Link had planted in the courtyard of Furinkan High School. When Pink provoked a plant with poisonous tendrils to attack Akane, she roasted the tendrils and the twins with the staff and had them to take her to Ranma Saotome. However Shampoo was trying to kiss him while he was knocked out in the cage they were imprisoned in, prompting Akane to fire the staff at him to wake him up and a second time in anger.

When morning broke Ranma used the staff to stop some poisonous tendrils from attacking, but it then reached its limit and the head bent over in defeat. In a last ditch effort to escape the forest and poisonous air that the plants had generated by blooming, Ranma stuffed Link's extremely spicy antidote into the staff's mouth and hefted all four girls onto his back with the staff in hand. It revived and fired a powerful blast of flame that blew all five of them into the air, simultaneously destroying the plant forest. Cologne caught the staff out of the air when it was dropped, its mouth extremely swollen and puffy from the spicy antidote. It was the only one of the five items that Cologne had given to Ranma and Akane to combat Pink and Link that survived.

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