The Fan of Divine Wind (風神扇 Fūjin ōgi?) is a hand fan from the Joketsuzoku village that can instantly generate a powerful wind when waved. The blades have a design that looks like peacock feathers and when not in use the fan can be folded. The first two characters of its name in kanji are the same as that of Fūjin, the Japanese god of wind.

Manga historyEdit


Ranma using the Fan of Divine Wind

Cologne gave the fan to Akane Tendo along with the Flame-Throwing Staff and a protective transfer amulet to help her combat the forest of poisonous plants that Pink & Link had planted in the courtyard of Furinkan High School. When the twins tried to hit her with their Poisonous-Plant Barrage, Akane deployed the fan to blow the poison right back at them. She next used the fan to blow Shampoo away after the cage holding her and Ranma was destroyed out of annoyance at Shampoo. When daylight arrived the plants began to bloom, making the air much more toxic. Ranma tried to use the fan to blow the poisonous pollen away, but only exacerbated it. He may have left the fan behind in the forest when he used the Flame-Throwing Staff to escape as he also had to carry Shampoo, Akane, and the twins on his back.

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