Not to be confused with the eight-headed dragon Orochi which features in OVA 7 and 8.

The Dragon is a creature that was found by Akane and Ranma after they go to get some food on behalf of Kasumi. After Ranma brings back the Dragon, which was in it's smaller seahorse-like form, The Frog Hermit tries to steal it so he can gain eternal life.

According to the manuscripts found by Dr. Tofu there are two legends relating to the dragon. The first explaining that the dragon will grow into it's full form during a storm before rising to the sky as a tornado. The second legend regards the apparent ability of the dragon's skin which, when consumed, will increase the consumers lifespan by 100 years.

Dragon Lifecycle

The lifecycle of the Dragon.

Upon learning of the legends surrounding the dragon, Ranma, Akane and Dr. Tofu head out to the Koi pond of the Tendo Dojo where the Frog Hermit had placed the dragon earlier so that it could grow into it's full form. After observing that the Seahorse they brought home earlier has gotten bigger, the trio fight the Frog Hermit in order to prevent him from eating the dragon. Fortunately the group succeed in defeating the Hermit, allowing the dragon to reach it's final form and depart safely from the pond.

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