The Cursed Spatula Arc is the 81st story arc of the Ranma ½ manga, spanning one chapter. It was included as part of Volume 30 of the Weekly Shōnen Sunday tankōbon and volume 28 of the Viz Media tankōbon.

Plot SummaryEdit

After getting a call from a a fellow Okonomiyaki chef, Ukyo, Ranma and Akane head to Okonomiyaki Heracles where Ranma ends up suffering from a cursed spatula which can't be removed from the bearer's hand. Desperate to remove the spatula, Ranma tries everything he can think of until he ends up using the spatula as an iron which causes it to detach from his hand.[1]

Chapters CoveredEdit

Image Chapter Number Arc Number English Chapter Name Japanese Chapter Name Anime Counterpart(s)
The Cursed Spatula
Noroi no hera

Major EventsEdit

No major events occurred in this arc.

Characters IntroducedEdit


See AlsoEdit

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