Chateau Chardin

The Chateau as it appears in the anime.

The Chateau Chardin is the home of Picolet Chardin II and his assistant Madame St. Paul. Ranma came here, along with Akane and Tendo, in order to train in the Martial Arts Dining. The Chateau is very large with multiple bedrooms, a kitchen/food preparation area and at least one large bathing room. The Chateau is also host to dinners of the Picolet family and other Martial Arts Dinners. Due to it's large size maids are hired to work at the chateau, however there seems to be little to no control over who gets hired as Akane and Soun both applied and were hired to work as maids.

In the anime, on Ranma's second visit to the Chateau there is also revealed to be several other rooms, such as a basement which holds a wine cellar (that happens to contain the secret Chardin Bleu wine) along with a large garden that is located at the centre of the chateau. There is also a tall, isolated and seemingly uncared-for Tower which is were Picolet chose to spend all day in.


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