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Aris Nanjo (南条 ありさ Nanjō Arisa?) is the the central character in the video game Ranma ½: Byakuran Aika.


On a trip to China to visit Jusenkyo, Arisa fell into the same spring as Shampoo, turning into a cat upon getting splashed with cold water.

After investigating numerous other victims of the curses, she decided on Ranma Saotome, and orchestrated a plot, which included the rumor of a way to reverse the curse. The rumor was true, but the process would turn the victim into a monster.

She wanted to gain Ranma as a boyfriend/husband, as she felt that no one would accept her cursed form. However in the end, she found that Kakuto Futae, a scientist who was always with her, had already been in love with her.

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