Antique Shop Yamatai, called Phoenix in the manga, is an antique shop in Furinkan that is run by an unnamed owner. Its most notable item is a Legendary Phoenix egg.

Manga historyEdit

The shop is shown to carry a variety of Japanese antiques, including weapons and furniture, and has different signage. When Tatewaki Kuno visited the shop he learned about the phoenix egg and that whoever possesses it will master the "Magical Sword of Terror", the legendary Phoenix Sword. Despite the shopkeeper’s initial refusal to sell the egg, he was won over when Kuno slapped him with a wad of yen.

Anime historyEdit

The shop interior is much darker than in the manga, making it difficult to see what is being sold and adding an air of mystery. Kuno and Sasuke Sarugakure learn that whoever owns the phoenix egg can master the arcane sword attack Ho’oken or Sword of the Phoenix. Kuno has a vision of himself with the phoenix behind him and a wall of fire in the background, but the fire is shown to be Sasuke waving a wooden prop behind Kuno. The shopkeeper refuses to sell the egg, but gives in when Kuno slaps him with a wad of yen.

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