Akane Guesses the Secret! (そして拳印は消えた Soshite kenin wa kieta?) is the 145th chapter of the manga it is also the fourth and final chapter of the Mark of the Gods Arc.

Ranma catches up to Akane and finds her shocked at what happened. Ranma thinks she must have poured hot water on P-chan and found out that he was actually Ryoga. Akane explains that when she tried to wash P-chan with the hot water, he latched onto the kettle and drank it all. Ranma finds Ryoga and explains that he might have found a way to defeat him.

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Continuing from the Previous ChapterEdit

After searching high and low for Ryoga, Ranma arrives at the Tendo Dojo where she sees Akane staring in shock at the empty Tetsubin and bandana lying on the floor. Ranma then immediately turns to Akane and asks her what happened, prompting Akane to explain that she was trying to was off P-chan's doodle on his stomach...

P-chan drinks hot water - Akane Guesses the Secret!

Akane reveals that when she tried to pour the water on P-chan he drank it all.

Before Akane gets chance to say another word, Ranma decides that Akane must've poured the water onto P-chan and now knows about Ryoga's curse. In an attempt to reassure Akane, Ranma tells her that she knows it must have been a shock but adds that Ryoga never meant to hurt her. As Ranma says this, however, Akane asks just what Ryoga has to do with this and reveals that when she tried to pour the water onto P-chan he puts his mouth on the spout and proceeded to drink all of the water.

Curious, Akane asks Ranma what this has to do with Ryoga, but Ranma is extremely hesitant to answer.

Some time later and when Ranma (who's since turned back into his male form) finds the bloated P-chan, he pours some hot water onto him to turn Ryoga back into his human form before telling him how lucky a moron he is. Ranma then informs Ryoga of his theory, much to Ryoga's excitement.

Ranma's TheoryEdit

Elsewhere, Akane hangs around in the garden when Kasumi appears and asks if she can help her as they're doing something today...

Ranma tests theory - Akane Guesses the Secret!

Ranma tries to test his theory, but gets beaten up yet again.

Ranma and Ryoga, meanwhile, have just walked into the training hall, which has a handily placed curtain installed. As they go behind the curtain, Ranma explains that to Ryoga that while he's standing there isn't any opening in his defence, however, when he crouched to hit back the volleyball to the "incredibly graceful and beautiful" girl it created an opening. Ranma tries to continue to reveal the meaning of all this, but Ryoga ends up hitting Ranma as he just realised that he was the volleyball girl all along.

Getting back on topic, Ranma tells Ryoga that by crouching he changed the shape of the mark, therefore, by changing the mark's expression, Ryoga will no longer be invincible which will allow Ranma to defeat him like usual and cause the mark to disappear.

As Ryoga bends from side-to-side in order to try and distort the mark, Ranma goes in to try his theory, but is easily defeated by Ryoga once again.

Removing the MarkEdit

In the Dojo's kitchen, meanwhile, Soun walks in and asks Kausmi if she's nearly ready, to which Kasumi confirms that she's almost finished. As she helps her sister, Akane's thoughts are still being ravaged by what Ranma said about Ryoga not meaning to hurt her, but she still can't understand what Ryoga has to do with all this.

Ladies' club - Akane Guesses the Secret!

Ranma and Ryoga find themselves being stared at by the Ladies' Club.

Back in the training hall, and Ranma continues to try and make Ryoga distort the face on his abdomen, but can't stop himself laughing at the mark as it contorts. Once Ryoga angrily demands to know what's so funny, Ranma returns to being serious and tells Ryoga to strike the pose. Ryoga then painfully shapes his abdomen in order to distort the mark when suddenly the curtain which he and Ranma have been hiding behind flies open.

The pair then find themselves faced with a large group of women young-and-old staring at them, including Akane and Kasumi. The women then notice the mark of Ryoga's abdomen and can't help but laugh at it. With the women distracted, Ranma sneaks over to Akane and asks who the women are, to which Akane explains that they needed to rent the dojo for their meeting.

The Mark disappears - Akane Guesses the Secret!

Ranma finally manages to defeat Ryoga, causing the mark to disappear.

As the women continue to laugh and insult Ryoga and his mark, Ranma calmly walks over to the distracted Ryoga and hits him over the head with a large mallet before declaring "I win". Now that Ryoga has finally been defeated the mark slowly begins to disappear, much to the enjoyment of the women. As Ranma drags Ryoga away, Akane deduces that Ryoga must've secretly been training to entertain the ladies' club.

Later on, whilst overlooking the garden, Akane still doesn't understand how P-chan got the same mark as Ryoga, prompting Ranma to suggest that perhaps Ryoga used P-chan to practise with. As Akane decides what Ranma says makes sense, Ranma begins thinking to himself about how much Ryoga went through and that this will probably mean he won't be back for a while... However, at that moment, Akane notices P-chan and loudly welcomes him home (causing Ranma to slam his head on the floor).

Whilst Akane tells P-chan how glad she is to see that the mark has gone, Ranma looks on and notes to himself that sometimes he thinks being stupid can be a major advantage...

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