Akane's Moon pendant

Akane holding the pendant.

Akane's Moon pendant, as the name suggests, is a small pendant in the shape of a Crescent Moon and is one of the main plot points of the live-action special. Akane acquired the pendant from her mother, who gave it her while she was extremely ill in hospital. After Akane's mother passed away, Akane kept the pendant on her at all times in order to remember her by.

In order to open the Japanese Nannīchuan, the pendant and, by extension, Akane are targeted by the Okama Gang so that they can turn all women into men and create their dream world. By the time the gang are defeated, the pendant is put into place and the spring is opened, but accidentally sprays Akane is the cursed water as well. Akane requests to be kissed before becoming male, but this doesn't to fruition as her and Ranma learn that the spring is out-of-use and the water the were sprayed with was ordinary hot water. Akane is relieved at the news, while Ranma was disappointed at remaining cursed.

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